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My Rough Draft

Aug 20, 2019

When I started the podcast, I never wanted it be just me giving advice. That's why the entire brand is called The Rough Draft COLLECTIVE. I wanted to create a space for people to share their stories & platforms. So today, we’re introducing one of the main aspects of the podcast called My Rough Draft & for the next few weeks we’ll be doing a Career & Business Edition.

My Rough Draft is an interview/documentary portion where I’ll have guests on the show that will share their stories about certain trials and seasons of life that they’re currently in. So it won't be your traditional success story interview. Instead, it will include stories from those currently dealing with common pain points millennials face today. Our goal is to encourage listeners that they’re not alone in whatever journey they’re in. We also hope to bring reality to “trends or goals” that we as millennials aspire to obtain.

Today, we're talking with Tanay Abrams, a former management consultant for one of the big 4 consulting companies in the world. Learn about how she went from enjoying her dream job, to being stressed, to then finding peace only for God to tell her to quit. Did she listen initially? Does she regret her decision? What is she doing with her life now? Learn all about it today's interview! 

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