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My Rough Draft

Aug 3, 2020

Key takeaways

1- Business Plan doesn’t tell the WHY of your business. You have to incorporate your story using a storytelling plan

2- Business plan doesn’t tell you HOW the work will actually get done. 

3 - Business plan doesn’t tell you the WHEN every activity needs to get done and HOW much it will cost.

So, what you need is a PROJECT PLAN. A project plan consists of outlining each task, each task's deadline, each task's responsible person, and each task's cost.

I do offer project management services that comes with a 30 minute complimentary consultation. For the last 5 years, I’ve been helping launch projects in the healthcare industry managing multi-million dollar projects, and I bring that same expertise to the everyday 9-5 or solopreneurs.You don’t have to do this alone.

Having a project plan doesn’t just pertain to business, this can also be used for those who are transitioning to a new career, and you need a detailed plan and timeline of when you want to  apply to schools and jobs, when you need to reach out to certain people, when you need to focus on networking, etc. 

So, let me connect the dots for your next launch!

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