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My Rough Draft

Jul 13, 2020


3:20 //  Episode Start

5:54 // I know that I’m not going to get everything done today, but I’m going to do what I can with the grace I have for today.

Read Hebrews 4 

10:30 // ONE // Step back & understand the bigger picture. God’s view of you goes far beyond what you do. 

18:15 // TWO // God can do more than less because when His hand is on it, it’s on IT.

22:04 // THREE // Raise your Expectations and Standards 

25:02 // FOUR // Raise the level of Quality

27:26 // FIVE // Relax your timeline

30:20 // SIX // Realign to God's will through prayer and fasting

FINAL AFFIRMATION //  I understand that God is my Source. He has everything planned and worked out in His timing. Because He lives in me, I can work in rest and confidence knowing I’m being led through my gifts and talents. Everything can’t happen in on day. But, I won’t take for granted the importance to be faithful with each day. I won’t lose sight of what really matters today.


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