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My Rough Draft

Aug 20, 2019

Scripture from today's episode : Ephesians 1

Main Takeaways from today's episode

1. Avoid Mistaken Identity - Find identity in who you are not what you do.  

2. Avoid Relying on your own or others wisdom before tapping into   God’s spiritual wisdom.

Self Reflection Questions from today's episode

1. Where do I find identity? What validates me? How do I see myself in Him?

2. If you’re starting a business, what is it’s identity founded in? A burden from God or the need to be seen? Take a look at your dreams and visions, what are they rooted in? God’s promises or fear of lack? Are you just doing a bunch of things because you feel you have to provide for yourself because you don’t believe God wants prosperity for you? Are you trying to force something because you don’t really believe that His timing for you is perfect?

Check back for Part TWO!

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