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My Rough Draft

Oct 7, 2019

Last month, we finished our Career and Business series up and this month we’re going to focus on GOING DEEPER! 

We're going to go deeper in our relationship with God and our character, in the responsibility that comes with our purpose, in our mental and emotional wholeness and wellness, and in our relationships with others.

Today's main TAKEAWAY

It's time to go deeper and grow up in the Spirit.

We have to allow The Rough Draft of our lives to begin being edited. We have to allow Him to do the INNER WORK instead of just trying to keep with OUTER APPEARANCES.

God is SOVEREIGN. He is GOD, we are not.

We can’t manipulate God into getting your way.

Man looks on the outer appearance, but God looks at the heart.

We say let me try to do good things so God will give me xyz….

But, He can’t be manipulated. His will is His will.

And we can either come into surrender and submission with that or continue to always be at a crossroads never content and always seeking and striving...

Find peace by releasing the need to control.


Our relationship with God should not be a tug of war…. It should be one of surrender and authenticity with Him.

Be real with Him about where you are but also surrender how you are to His will.

Get to know Him and believe Him FIRST and FOREMOST and then as you begin to get to know Him, you’ll begin to know YOU. 

Summary from today's practical tips

1 Going Deeper requires our prayers to change. Instead of praying for things, lets begin to shift our prayers to praying for (1) His will (2) His character (3) His heart and thanking Him for all He has done

2 Going Deeper requires us to grow a new hunger for the Word of God

Don’t just read, STUDY it. 

3 Going Deeper means working on our HEART and CHARACTER and MOTIVES.

4 Going Deeper means living a life that’s pleasing to Him. We change nothing about our lives and wonder why our life never changes. 

5 Going Deeper in God means sharing Him with your others and using your gifts to advance The Kingdom.

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