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My Rough Draft

Oct 21, 2019

This week, we're continuing Part THREE of our Going Deeper Series!

In a continuation from last week, today, we're talking about going deeper in our purpose. We're going to learn about the key hindrances or "kryptonites" that stop us from fully walking out God's purpose for our DAILY LIFE.  

Today's takeaways

1. We have to find out the root of our inconsistency and lack of discipline in order to solve it and push forward.

2. Vulnerability is not optional when it comes to fully walking in God's purpose for you.

3. You have to surrender to fully in order to walk in your purpose fully. When you leave parts un-surrendered, you leave parts of your purpose up for grabs.

4. You have to seek God for influence over influencers in today's world. God didn't consult them to create the purpose He has specifically for you.

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