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My Rough Draft

Sep 23, 2019

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Tips from today's episode:

1 Spending time with God INTENTIONALLY is not optional! 

2 Submit your timeline to HIM and watch His grace put your mind at ease concerning your business.

3 Stay ready to hear from HIM. Always have a way to document inspiration and direction. Always stay in the proper mental and heart posture so He has room to speak to you concerning your business.

4 Actively work to keep your heart and life pure. Repent quickly so you can hear Him more clearly.

5 Pray and fast for the people God has assigned to your business/platform/non-profit. Take the focus off of yourself, and focus some intentional prayer time on THEM. God is protective of His people.

6 Let everything you do be done with excellence and integrity. Every experience with your business should be an encounter with Him.

7 Always have a way to give back to the Kingdom. Everyone isn't called to be in ministry or have a non-profit. But learn how you can given back your services, time, and money for the greater good while also being profitable in your business.

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