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My Rough Draft

Nov 2, 2020

Listen y'all as a fellow 9-5preneur, I did not have time to edit this podcast, so you are getting the raw version today! Done is better than perfect! But, take a listen to find quality tips & tools you can use to maximize your time and leverage your 9-5 for your other passions & businesses! 

Key Questions & Takeaways

Time Management

1 | How can block out time each morning to do a little of your passion before your 9-5 work? 

2 |Set office hours for your business or passion during the week, and set a clear intention for each office hours session.

Making your 9-5 Work for your Business

3 | Allow your 9-5 to fund your passion/business. Allow your 95 to provide flexibility when taking risks in your side projects.

4 | Let your 9-5 give you credibility for your business. Leverage the skills and experience to establish yourself as an expert in your field. How can you pivot your current skills to serve a business solution for someone else?

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