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My Rough Draft

Mar 23, 2020

Takeaways from today's episodes:

The way to growth is simplification. 

- I simplified my overall goal in my work and business by reconnecting with my OVERALL WHY in life.

- I simplified my tools and methods in my work+ business by….eliminating unnecessary subscriptions, simplifying my apps, making smart investments, and focusing on consistency vs growth. 


- I simplified my tools and methods in my work + business by investing smart. This takes honest evaluation. The right investment at the wrong time is still a bad investment. Get clear on your vision so that you can get clear on what you actually need, and pray for discernment.

- Focus on consistency vs growth. If people’s affirmations determine your work ethic, you will never be stable in any plan God has for you. We allow THEM to control what’s supposed to be dedicated to HIM.

- Give yourself a timeline of consistency before you start something new or invest. What’s one small way you can invest your time and what you currently have to build momentum?

- I simplified my IDEAS by doing an honest evaluation of my time and resources to set realistic expectations.

- I simplified my IDEAS by limiting my knowledge intake and focusing more on my  application output.


- I simplified my IDEAS by sticking to what God tells me to say. 




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