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My Rough Draft

Nov 11, 2019

Last week, we finished our Going Deeper series, and we are nearing the close of Season 1 *tears* !

For the last series of the year, we are going to talk about lessons we've learned over the past decade!

Many times in the day to day circumstances, we may feel like we're not getting anywhere, but from God's perspective, we've come so far!

God's concept of time and our concept of time are two different things.

So for this week, I want to give you an exercise!

Instead of looking only at your current season or even the goals you set for 2019, I want to write down all you've learned over the past decade. I want you to write down your accomplishments in all aspects of life. I want you to also write out your "losses" and what you learned from the lessons!

Email/DM us some of your responses so we can share throughout this series!


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