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My Rough Draft

Nov 30, 2020

Timestamp and Key Questions 

2:22 - Q: What has 2020 taught you? Describe your 2020 in one word, and state how that one word has impacted your life.

6:01 - Q: What were the biggest lessons you learned in 2020 about your faith, life, purpose, & work?

12:03 - Q: What has self care looked like for you in 2020? Is there anything you need to change or adjust? 

13:40 - Q: What's been the hardest part of your journey? What makes it easier?

16:38 - Q: What’s been the most rewarding thing that's happened to you this year? What are you most proud of?

19:23- Q: What are you excited for next? What are some of your 2021 goals?

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