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My Rough Draft

Nov 19, 2019

For the last series of the year, we are talking about lessons we've learned over the past decade!

Many times in the day to day circumstances, we may feel like we're not getting anywhere, but from God's perspective, we've come so far!

Today's Takeaways

Career Development

1. Job searching takes time and intentionality. Don't half way apply to anything, but follow up on everything. Tailor your resume and cover letter to the specific job.

2. Instead of just applying on the larger job sites,  take the time to find companies within your field, and get as close to the inside as you can.

3. When interviewing, come with specific questions tailored to how your role plays into the larger company vision. Show that you're committed to the future of the company.

4. Don't allow work relationships to keep you from your bigger professional goals. Remain neutral, and don't engage with drama or allow workplace friendships to keep you stuck.

5. Make people remember you. Go the extra mile with every connection you make. Send thank you letters, send follow up emails, and go the extra mile when working with other departments.

6. Keep a work journal and QUANTIFY everything. Assess the current state of the role and your department before you arrived. Then, document the success (using specific data) you bring to the team and department.


7. Build the proper policies, systems, and routines up front. Organization is the key to consistency.

8. Allow the big picture to inspire you, but don't allow the vision to deter you from starting small.

9. Use ready-made tools and templates if possible when starting out. Invest SMART.

10. You CAN DO BOTH. Stretch yourself. 

Email/DM us some of your lessons learned so we can share throughout this series!

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