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My Rough Draft

Nov 25, 2019

This is our FINAL episode of Season 1 *literal tears*

Thank you everyone for your support on this new podcast!

We are going out with a bang!! This week, I talk about some of the lessons I've learned in my faith walk and living a life of purpose! Enjoy!

Today's Takeaways

1. God has to be THE ONE to fill every void, every insufficiency, every insecurity.

2. Self control is VITAL to really fulfilling your purpose.

3. Following God frfr is HARD, but total surrender and obedience are the keys to fully walking in your purpose.

4. Separation is God's protection. Don't hold on to people so tightly that you miss God.

5. Purpose isn't a destination; it's a beautiful puzzle with many pieces. When I stopped "finding" my purpose, I found my purpose. 

Email/DM us some of your lessons learned so we can share!

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