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My Rough Draft

Sep 9, 2019

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Tips from today's episode:

1 Leverage all the benefits your company has to offer! 

2 Outshine your peers, and grow your tolerance for people and character within to become a better leader/influencer.

3 Become a solution. Help build team morale with small gestures. Bring your boss proposals instead of problems.

4 Grow your core skills : communication and networking. Verbal and nonverbal communication and networking are essentials skills to grow in regardless of your position.

5 Learnnnnnn. Take online courses, take certification exams, and don't limit your education opportunities to a 4 year degree. While you're underemployed, grow your skill sets.

6 Create a meaningful outlet. When you're underemployed, working and coming home makes for a miserable combination. Throw yourself into a passion, a hobby, or a project.

7 Learn to live within your means. You have nothing to prove to anyone. Don't get into a financial hole trying to keep up with everyone else. Be smart with your money. God will honor your faithfulness.

7 See the bigger picture and His purpose. In every season, there is a purpose. Instead of asking God to bring out, ask Him what He's trying to teach you so you can learn the lesson and then move on to the next.

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